Sonotube Finish Free concrete forms leave an impression on you – not the column.

Sonotube Finish Free concrete tubes produce exceptionally smooth columns that require no manual finishing.

How? Sonoco applies a patented Duraglas® coating to the inside of its Finish Free tubes, eliminating spiral marks and seams that would otherwise be left on the finished surface of the concrete. This results in significant cost savings through the elimination of the labor and materials required to finish columns.

Easier form removal

Sonotube concrete forms now feature a quick, safe and convenient way to remove the forms after the concrete sets. The StripCord™ stripping filament eliminates the time-consuming process of cutting the form away. Sonotube Finish Free concrete forms are manufactured with the StripCord filament mounted inside the tube. When pulled with a hammer, pry bar or other tool handle, the StripCord strap cuts right through the form wall. Now the form can be removed without marring the surface of the column.

Rain resistance

Sonoco engineers applied a century of leadership in design, technology and manufacturing to create a high-strength, rain-resistant design for Sonotube forms. The technology allowed Sonoco to reduce the weight of the forms, making them easier to handle, set, strip and discard. And now with RainGuard™ technology, Sonotube forms stand strong even in wet weather - allowing contractors to set today and pour tomorrow.

Industry-leading technology and value

The superior strength-to-weight properties of Sonotube concrete forms prevent blowouts and may eliminate the need to use a crane during setup. Contractors around the world know Sonotube concrete forms stand strong in their superior technology and value.


For more than 50 years, contractors around the world have relied on our concrete form tubes for cost-effective column forming.

  • Advanced interior Duraglas® coating eliminates spiral seams and vertical markings.
  • No manual surface finishing of the column is required.
  • Rain-resistant technology keeps wet weather from impacting your pour.
  • The StripCord™ stripping filament makes forms easy to strip and remove.
  • Forms are easy to cut and drill at the job site.
  • Superior strength-to-weight properties prevent blowouts.
  • Easier to setup and brace so multiple columns can be poured at one time.
  • Sonoco manufactures and distributes Sonotube brand concrete forms throughout North America, minimizing lead times.
  • No cleaning, reassembling, or return freight costs.

Savings comparison

Sonotube Finish Free forms reduce your overall finishing costs by eliminating the materials and labor needed to finish columns made with standard forms. This table shows how much our concrete form tubes save you vs. seamless and plastic-lined forms.

* Examples are for 24" ID x 12' columns. Savings calculated on a labor rate of $24.50 per hour factoring 2 hours per 3 feet of standard form, 45 minutes for plastic-lined tube; 18 sq. ft. of patch material per 5-gallon pail at $35.


If you haven't used a Sonotube concrete forming tube, you haven't discovered the most cost-effective way to create a diverse range of round columns or posts.

Its rain-resistant properties and smooth interior make it one of the most versatile construction products on the market. The following list includes some of the more common end uses, but it's not anywhere close to being inclusive:

  • Columns for residential and commercial buildings and other structures.
  • Parking garages.
  • Entryway and portico columns.
  • Decorative and barrier posts.
  • Stub piers for elevated ramps.
  • Outdoor sign, light pole and fence-post bases.


Learn how a contractor saved 2,520 finishing hours with Sonotube® Finish Free® concrete forms.